CASE STUDY: adidas ZNE influencer kit

A Super Bowl influencer kit for the frigid north.

Each winter a big football game happens. A game so big, one has to pay to even say the name. An impressively big game. Our partners at adidas saw the forecast for Minneapolis and nodded to their team to create a small-run, friends and family edition of the ZNE hoodie. They added bespoke, custom features to fight off the harsh Minnesota winter. We helped them turn this custom product into a unique experience.

FW17_36HRS_JujuSmith_0234 (1).jpg

With the cold weather augmentations, the friends and family ZNE is, in itself, an artifact of the cold. At home in the ice and snow. So comfortable in the snow in fact, it needed to be shipped on ice.It was vacuum sealed in a metallic Mylar bag as if frozen. Then, it was supported with an a number of abstracted icons of cold.

ZNE hoodie box-2.jpg

Acrylic ice cubes and semitransparent tissue paper illustrated snow and ice while key imagery highlighted custom features. The ZNE was undoubtedly at home in the cold, but the elite group of journalists, celebrities and influencers attending the game need a little help to weather the storm. We curated a selection of cold weather artifacts to help them rise to the weather.

Above everything, this kit was designed to create a moment — an experience rather than a package. Each component furthered the narrative of helping the recipient rise to the toughness of the ZNE. Rise to the weather.

  • Fisher Space Pen. Stay Sharp. This pen scratched journalist’s notes at temps from -30F to over 250F.

  • YETI Rambler. This thermos is the industry leader. A brass tacks, culturally relevant way to keep hot drinks hot.

  • Zippo Hand Warmer. This hand warmer is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. Like the ZNE, it’s the perfect balance between style and function.

  • Premium Metallic Case. Each collection was layered in a premium metallic briefcase to build to a reveal of the friends and family ZNE.

Agency: Archrival

Project: adidas Training and Athletics Z.N.E training kit

Assets: Product seeding kit

Role: Creative Direction; art direction; copywriting