CASE STUDY 04/06 - Flint Cannabis

Growing a craft cannabis brand from deep Pacific Northwest roots.

Flint is a homegrown craft cannabis brand based in the heart of the Pacific Coast Range. A vertically integrated farming and production company, Flint sells portioned flower, prerolls and CBD products from a few carefully curated strains.

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The brand mark is designed to communicate a casual, flexible point of view. It feels like a middle ground between adidas Originals and a small batch coffee roaster. Two color gradients highlight the feelings a particular product will give. A cool gradient for Indica dominant strains indicates the relaxed calm an indica strain gives users. At the same time, a warm gradient shows the creative, adventurous feelings from a Sativa dominant strain.

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The packaging system is designed to be premium, flexible, modular and compliant with all legalease-- an interesting challenge. A custom paper tube and envelope provide the foundation of the system. This scaffolding is customized and personalized with specific information using a label for each product, strain and weight. The approach is not dissimilar from how you may see coffee packaged at your local shop.

The messaging tone is calm, conversational and educational. Like a knowledgeable friend who doesn't take themselves too seriously. We focus our content and messaging around four occasions for cannabis use.

  • CREATIVITY. Flint is a part of the process. A tool in the kit for creation and focus.

  • SPACE. Either physical or emotional, sometimes we need a little space. This can be a night at home or catching a film you've been meaning to see. Any other moment that gives pause and room to relax and take a breath.

  • NATURAL WORLD. Be it riding spines or a calm campfire, Flint is a natural way to augment your time, hobbies or stillness outside.

  • CELEBRATION. You don’t need a reason to party, but if one shows up, Flint is the perfect way to start the night off or wind the night down.

Organized and tailored to form an engaging mosaic, our content calendar is strategically loose. This ensures our platforms feel human and gives us the flexibility to stay relevant to news and season.

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The result is a friendly face in the cannabis industry — an educational, approachable brand seeking to normalize the use of our products for both naturopathic and recreational uses. Find Flint cannabis products at your local Oregon proveyor and CBD products via the website and select convenience stores nationwide.

Agency: Independent

Project: Flint brand building and content creation

Assets: Naming, brand messaging, brand design, packaging design, content creation

Role: Creative direction; brand direction; brand design, copywriting, content creator