The hitchin' party is full go!

You heard right, We're getting Married


From the early days of our relationship, we have laughed at the funny ways love manifested in our lives. Not cinematic love or novel love, but rather real love. Good Love.

As we grew together we started pointing out these lighthearted demonstrations of good love to each other, partly as a joke. These jokes became an easy source of joy, but also an everyday way to show love. Our routines, vacations and inside jokes all became simple ways to show love. Love is surprise ice cream.

Love is bad day brownies

When we got engaged, we were on a four hour train ride from London to Edinburgh. We were late to the station and thought we were going to miss our train. But, then it was canceled. It was confusing and way too early and it all worked out just fine. We took it as microcosm for our future. It's a wild ride and now we're on it together. Love is a wild ride we're all on together.  It won't be simple, calm or predictable. But really, what good story is?


really important stuff AT A GLANCE

3:30 PM | June 30, 2018 | Hood River, Oregon


Transportation to and from the Tin Roof Barn

There is a parking lot at the Barn for those who would like to drive. But, if you plan to partake in one or more of our regions famous frothy beverages, there will be a shuttle bus to and from the venue. 


Bus will depart Hood River at 1:45 P.M. and 2:45 P.M. from:

  1. Hood River News parking lot on State and 6th Street, downtown
  2. Chamber of Commerce by the Hood River bridge (gravel parking lot)

Bus will depart Tin Roof Barn at 9:30 P.M. and 10:15 P.M. and go to:

  1. Chamber of Commerce by the Hood River bridge (gravel parking lot)
  2.  Whiskey Tango Bar on Oak and 2nd Street, downtown (Official and Encouraged After Party!)
  3.  Hood River News parking lot on State and 6th Street, downtown

The VEnue

We are getting married at Tin Roof Barn. You'll never believe this, its a barn with a tin roof. It is about 20min north of Hood River. How about that. We will be bussing folks up from a few meeting places in Hood River. 


Where to stay

Hood River is the closets town but the hotels are booking fast. Please book quickly. Also consider small towns close to Hood River, there are lots and are real cute-like. Loads more useful information below, even some hyperlinks. Scroll on brave reader. 


RSV PREtty please

We know it's March. We know most people take 2 years, but we're not most people. So we're asking you and yours to shoot us some information with the form below. It's not a nock on the USPS or anything, we just like the efficiency of it all. 


Registry Information 



We like to be outside. We have registered for some outdoor equipment because our relationship grew among the trees and peaks of the Pacific Northwest. There are a few things here to make that a bit more comfortable.

Visit our REI registry



Zola is a web platform selling any number of brands and experiences. It makes it really simple for guests to shop online and they will ship directly to us. It's like Amazon for wedding registry. 

Visit our Zola registry


Let'e get this party started

June!? Thats so soon!


Love is the summer. So why not this summer? We know it's March. Which makes June between 2 and 4 months away. So, were leveraging the marvels of modern internet to get some information to you and from you. This is serving as a correspondence somewhere between your traditional Save The Date and an RSVP card.

Please fill in the form below to let us know if you can make it, and if you can, what jams you need to hear. Love is the little things.  

Name *
Can you and yours join us? *
We're people people. People pleaser people. But we only have so many chairs. So, if you have a partner, bring them! If you were thinking about just bringing Steve from accounting, we may give that chair to Andrew's Cousins.

book book book

Book Hotels here and now


Ok the short of the story is Hood River is a tourist town and it's hiiiigh tourist season. This means a few things for you all. First, if you find yourself in the line at Pfriem Family Brewers, earn instant river cred by finding the crusty kiteboarder and saying, "Psshh tourists, huh?"

But also the hotels book really really fast. Same with cars out of PDX. So, book now or prepare to bunk up. Or, both! Bullet points with more information:

  • It is high tourist season so please book rental cars and accommodations ASAP. 

  • Because it is high tourist season, certain hotels may not allow Saturday-only reservations so please keep this in mind when deciding where to stay Friday and Saturday nights.

  • We’ve listed some options below but may be worth looking at VRBO and Airbnb too.

  • You will likely be able to find more affordable accommodation outside of downtown Hood River.  Consider looking in Cascade Locks or The Dalles. There is also camping nearby, if that is your jam!

  • We will have a bus to transport folks to the wedding venue and can try to coordinate pick ups depending on where most folks stay. There will for sure be a pick up from Hood River.

  • Ask for a AAA discount! Drop Christina's name, maybe it'll work! Maybe not. 


Downtown Hood River

Best Western Plus Hood River Inn
1108 E Marina Way, Hood River, OR 97031-2378

Hampton Inn & Suites Hood River
1 Nichols Parkway, Hood River, OR 97031

Inn at the Gorge
1113 Eugene Street, Hood River, OR 97031

Oak Street Hotel
610 Oak Street, Hood River, OR 97301

New Hood River Hostel
220 Clearwater Lane, Hood River, OR 97031


The Dalles

The Dalles Inn
112 W Second Street, The Dalles, OR 97058

Fairfield Inn & Suites The Dalles
2014 West 7th Street, The Dalles, OR 97058  



Just Outside Hood River

Columbia Cliff Villas
3880 Westcliff Drive Hood River, OR 97031

Lakecliff BnB
3820 Westcliff Drive, Hood River, OR 97031


Cascade Locks

Columbia River Inn
735 WaNaPa Street, Cascade Locks, OR 97014


In Washington near the Tin Roof Barn


Husum Highlands Bed and Breakfast
70 Postgren Rd, White Salmon, WA 98672

Husum Riverside Bed and Breakfast
866 Hwy 141, Husum, WA 98623




The Venue

The Tin Roof Barn A Barn with a tin roof 


The Tin Roof Barn is in White Salmon, WA, about an hour east of the Portland Airport and about 20 minutes from downtown Hood River, OR. I mean, look at this place. It's going to be pretty pretty. If you want to peak, here the venue website. If not, well meet you there on June, 30th 2018

Wedding will start at 3:30 PM. 

Google Maps Location:


passports not mugshots

Lastly Heres some pictures of us