CASE STUDY: adidas Soccer NEMEZIZ Launch

Launching adidas NEMEZIZ Ocean Storm with a digital activation.  

adidas soccer changed the game with the launch of their new NEMEZIZ franchise. We partnered to launch the Ocean Storm colorway, and bring the next generation players into the story.

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To build awareness for adidas football’s newest drop, we went to where the game lives. Modern soccer is not just in the pitch or in the stadiums. The game lives on a spectrum from the filed to the street no one place owns the game anymore. And the players of this new dynamic game live on the social platforms core to culture.

We partnered with adidas soccer and to create a digital launch activation hyping the new Nemeziz Ocean Storm pack.

Unlock the badges. Impress the judges. Become a legend.


Unlock The Contest was a digital video activation where players shared short social skill videos to unlock badges from our judges.

We were looking for the players with skills and swagger to not just change the game, but create it. Each badge represented a single skill necessary to be a well-rounded, creative player. The skills necessary to share the stage with Pogba, Suarez and Messi. Players shared socially or uploaded videos directly to the microsite to submit. Earning all 22 badges showed the world you are a player who had it all, freestyle, court style and field style.

The site landing state reinforces the creator calling of the adidas HERE TO CREATE positioning. Users could press and hold to inject creativity-and color- into the looping black and white juggling. Once the creativity was injected, the site burst to life emulating the promotional video.

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Key promotional piece were produced to make sure the right people heard the right message. We wrote, shot and produced a promo video to serve as the central content touchpoint. This video was infused heavily with NEMEZIZ brand art direction and featured a world champion freestyler. From here we relied heavily on influencer engagement social content for a targeted system.

Influencers were engaged through thoughtful kits loaded with gear. These kits were sent to creator athletes with authentic relevance in the space. Designed to create layers of reveal for the boots and gear within, they tricked players out to become model contestants creating content to be emulated. Ultimately, the kits killed and the influencers became the tentpoles of our promotion.

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The well rounded player who earned the most badges, won. Simple as that. The winner was announced via social with a compilation video of the best of the players content.

After the badges were tallied, The grand prize winner and a guest were flown to Germany for an exclusive adidas and creator experience.


Included was 2 VIP tickets to FC Bayern v Celtic on Allianz Stadium in Munich Germany, a private tour of adidas HQ, all the gear they could dream of.

The campaign generated over 9 million impressions and 285,000 engagements. Out of the 770 videos submitted, only one could win. Ian Green, a 15 year-old from North Carolina cleaned up.


Agency: Archrival

Project: adidas Soccer Nemeziz digital activation

Assets: Promo video, socially connected interactive platform, skill videos, influencer kits, social content

Role: Creative direction, art direction, script writing; interface design direction. Design with Zach Ubbelohde.