Survival of the sickest with Red Bull Bracket Reel.

Red Bull Bracket Reel is a knock-out film edit battle. Filmmakers, editors and athletes compete to create the best film as judged by the social crowd. Then, they do it again and again if they want to be crowned champion. 

Think film fest mixed with March Madness. Any sport, theme or subject plays. Red Bull and Archrival partnered to build the platform, promote and execute the snow, surf and dance Bracket Reel activations.

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It's survival of the sickest. 16 collegiate teams compete in this bracket-style video edit competition. Each week, teams dance, snowboard or surf their best while capturing with a camera kit we seeded. Then, they cut a video based on a feature song for each round. The team with the most social "votes" advances. The only team left standing after four rounds of viewer voting earns their name as Bracket Reel Champion.

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Agency: Archrival

Project: Red Bull Bracket Reel

Assets: Bracket Reel competition platform

Role: Creative strategy, art direction, design direction