CASE STUDY: Red Bull Pic Up

An all-out scavenger hunt for Red Bull Editions hidden all over campus.


Red Bull Pic Up is a fast-paced, interactive hunt for Red Bull Editions hidden on college campuses all across the nation — where photos are the only clues.

Red Bull Editions are first hidden all across a campus or entire city. Each secret location is documented with a pic which is posted on Students follow these clues in order to figure out where on their campus or city the Pic Ups are hidden. The photo clues only hint at its hiding place, so students must rely on their wits and city/campus knowledge to locate the spot. Whoever is quick and curious enough to get there first can claim the Pic Up by sharing on social media. Follow the clues! Claim the cans!

Hidden locations are always in public areas accessible to everyone, but usually just out of site. Use the clues to find them!


Since it’s both simple and fun, we’ve helped Red Bull pull off Pic Up in over a dozen countries, including Brazil, Qatar, Sweden, Spain, Turkey and the Netherlands. Pic Up Claimers are given early access to the Final Pic Up experience—a mind-bending, site-to-site challenge that rewards the first to solve it with a grand prize.

Agency: Archrival

Project: Red Bull Pic Up

Assets: Event creative, Web app, admin app

Role: Creative strategy; messaging, scripting, copywriting; interface design direction