CASE STUDY 02/06 - Scurry

Examining a complex relationship with nature through an adventurous independent short film.

Scurry celebrates the parts in all of us that still belong somewhere in the wild.

I believe in the power of the natural world to relieve and release pressures imposed by a life controlled by clocks and calendars. Since the dawn of time, humans have had a complex relationship with the natural world. This relationship comes to life in climate change and global conservation debates day in and day out. But, if we see ourselves and the natural world as one in the same, we can reframe the discussion. If we are inextricably linked, the discussion becomes one of self preservation.


Scurry is based on and inspired by a short poem I wrote while trail running in the Pacific Northwest.

When you find yourself alone in the forest, don’t startle at a cracking branch or the sound of a scurry.

Grin a little wider, bare those teeth.

After all, you are a wild animal running through the forest as well.



Scurry_Color_FrameSample-Rum Walk Home.jpg

Agency: Personal

Project: Scurry Film

Assets: Short Film

Writer + Director: Andrew Osborn

Executive Producer + Director: Jon Risinger

Director of Photography: Brad Knull

Additional Footage: Danny McNabb and Andrew Osborn

Editor: Andrew Osborn + Kyle Stebbins

Color Correction: Nigel Colby