Case Study 03/04

Launching and promoting Travis Rice’s new film, “The Fourth Phase” with an interactive experience. 

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The highly anticipated follow up to the Art of Flight, Red Bull Media House Films recently released The Fourth Phase, a snowboarding epic starring iconic rider Travis Rice as he navigates the North Pacific landscape on a 16,000-mile course. Red Bull Media House tapped Archrival to craft the web experience to get the word out. described the film as “essentially a travel-based film, with a twist. In true Travis Rice fashion, the status quo is not good enough, and the theory of this entire movie hinges on the four phases of water.”

The team latched onto the cyclical nature of the hydrological cycle and designed the experience around the immersive landscapes that helped fuel cycle.

This process we follow. This cycle we ride.

The creative team set out to illustrate the vastness of standing on top of a line. We wanted to harness the expansive footage captured by a team who is redefining action filmmaking.

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We had gobs of amazing footage. Our instincts sent us toward a cinematic video experience, but our analytics told us to reconsider. With up to 70% of traffic coming from mobile, our goal became cinematic scenes with wide support. We built immersive landscapes in 3D and rendered them real-time with WebGL. We projection-mapped film stills and curated photography onto a 3D structure and extruded the surface to create actual depth in the image. After the environment was rendered, we prescribed camera movements and tied the user’s perspective to cursor movement and device orientation.

The result was an incredible experience on any device. The site was even recognized with a number of awards including FWA and CSS Design Awards.


Agency: Archrival
Project: Red Bull The Fourth Phase
Assets: Launch and Promotional web experience
Role: Art/Creative Direction; Interface design. w/ Will Buller