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Yet Untamed is a celebration of truly wild places and the beasts you find there. 


Somewhere in all of us, there remains an evolutionary precursor. An area yet untamed. It seeps out in strange ways in our everyday lives. It’s so subtle, some people miss it. The fit of laughter you can't control or the feeling of weightlessness biking home from the bar on summer night. It’s your hair in the morning after a night ruled by your dreams. It’s inexplicably wild.

Yet Untamed is an expository content platform celebrating truly wild places and those who spend time there.


[Vol 01 Story excerpt] I pulled the buff off my face and wiggled into my parka. I unzipped my -40F sleeping bag, stuffed my feet into cold boots and pulled back the tent fly. It was 3:15a and hushed whispers beckoned anyone awake out of the tent. The snow reflected the sky’s brilliant light.

Dreamy colors pulsed and danced in slow waves across the sky.

Thin threads of light started on the horizon and grew as they stretched overhead. I tromped through the snow convinced my eyes were deceiving me. I felt my chest swelling. Still half asleep, my eyes darted and I paced. A sense of panic set in as I tried to look in every direction at the same time. I wanted to cement this moment in my memory.

As with most natural beauty, the aurora was fleeting. I don’t know how long I stared into the sky that night but, as I crawled back into the tent I gave everything a critical last look. One last skeptical look. Even if it was a dear, I was still desperate to remember.


I founded this platform with the stories from my time on an Alaskan expedition to ski remote unnamed peaks in Wrangell-St Elias National Park. A personal passion project, I liken it to sharing four or five beers with a friend who just came home from an incredible trip. That's when the good stories come to light.


[Vol 01 Story excerpt] …Tyler’s demeanor changed as we moved along the ridge. We clicked back into our skis, locked the toes and sidestepped up to our entry point. Tyler prodded the top layers of the snowpack assessing stability before moving out onto the face. He turned and spoke over his shoulder. He was calm but firm.

“If you don’t feel comfortable turning do not turn. Keep your Whippet in your uphill hand, ready to arrest a slip. You absolutely can not fall. There is an ice cliff below us and you very well could die. I do not want to call your family and tell them why I brought you here.”


What started as an adventure scratch pad has grown into a venue for others to share their incredible stories.

Two ideals are held sacred when curating stories. Authenticity and a sense of wild. Social media in the outdoors has lead to a rise of rosy trip reports and omissions of doubt, terror, tears, blood and failure. Which is precisely where stories of triumph originate. So, Yet Untamed stories tell the real gritty, true story of our world. These stories remind us we were born wild and we need to fight for areas to remain truly unencumbered. Yet Untamed recognises the value of a sense of wild in our environmental crisis and in each other.


[Vol 01 Story excerpt] …I felt worlds colliding as I approached the ticket counter. I live in a big city but I come alive when I leave. The sweat from the week was still crusty in my hair and the blood still dried under layers of bandages.


Volume Two is live shortly and Volume Three is in editing. Volume Three tells the stories of two first ascents in an incredibly remote zone called The Aragatch. A two day walk from where a float plane can drop you, these accents were ticked by a party of three weekend warriors from Portland, OR. The themes of volume three are that of relentless training, big dreams and finding a balance of career and exploration. And of course, wilderness.

Read all six chapters of Volume One: The Wrangles here.

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