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A little over a year ago there was an inspiring conversation. A funny little “wouldn’t it be cool if…” with a woman I love. This seemingly inane conversation set in motion a series of events that is sure to fundamentally change the fabric of who we will become.

As often happens with the little “what ifs” in our lives, this “what if” became a dare of sorts. An ear worm of an idea we couldn’t shake. So, we started taking steps. Cautiously at first, one step at a time. Calculated research about an amazing, misunderstood part of the world. Then, bigger steps. Then faster steps. She searched, submitted, interviewed, interviewed, interviewed and signed. Before I knew it, we were looking back at a well executed plan and looking down at a one-way plane ticket. We celebrated, packed, duffeled, weighed, locked, hugged, weighed again, cried, clipped, jetted, landed, duffeled, slept and reeled.

My wife works for a humanitarian organization. And now we live in Amman, Jordan. Worthy adventures have uncertain ends. But in my opinion, these are the only experiences deserving of the title “adventure.” And so we go. Because if nothing is certain, anything is possible.

So, here we sit in Amman, home sweet wild home. From this home I work remotely with some of the worlds biggest brands. The hours are strange, but I don't mind a bit.


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Creative Director + Art Director

We Run Winter with adidas Running + NCAA

Agency: Archrival. We Run Winter is an integrated brand experience empowering women to continue training through the winter. The night before, temperatures dropped to a balmy 27 and the wind picked up. It was the perfect stage for the activation. Outside the student union, an ice monolith was installed. Frozen in the ice were 25 running bibs with their unique numbers obscured. The objective for the following day: Melt out the bibs by running together. 


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Art Director + Experience designer

The Fourth Phase with Travis Rice + Red Bull 

Agency: Archrival. The Fourth Phase is a digital launch experience designed to span devices while communicating the films central narrative of connectedness to the landscape. Our goal was to transport the user to the immersive landscapes represented in the film. So, we built them for the modern web. Each landscape was built in 3D and rendered in real-time using WebGL. We mapped vast photography onto a 3D structure and extruded the surface to create actual depth in the image. Then, a prescribed camera movement guided users through the scenes reacting to device orientation.


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NEMEZIZ Ocean Storm Product Launch

Agency: Archrival. Modern soccer is not just on the pitch or in the stadiums. The game lives on a spectrum from the field to the street and the players live on the social platforms central to culture. We partnered with adidas and to create a digital activation hyping the new NEMEZIZ Ocean Storm pack. Unlock the badges. Impress the judges. Make your name.






CoolNotCool Edugame with Futures Without Violence and The Ad Council

Agency: Archrival. One in four teens in a relationship report that they have been called names, harassed or put down by their partner through calls and texts. Not cool.

We partnered with the Ad Council and Futures without Violence to launch a mobile edugame as part of their “That’s Not Cool” public service effort. We created a browser-based interactive game to help identify inappropriate relationship interactions.


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but, some of my proudest moments exist in personal or experimental projects

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Creative Director + Experience designer

Music-based target heart rate training with Lilt

Lilt is simple target heart rate training software for music lovers.

Lilt is an application which uses a heart rate monitor to control the playback of an exercise playlist to gently guide users into a target heart rate zone. Lilt was sold as a minimal viable product to a venture capital firm. 


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Creative Director + Photag + Writer

Yet Untamed Celebrates Truly Wild Places

Yet Untamed is an expository content platform celebrating truly wild places and those who spend time there. 

I liken it to sharing four or five beers with a friend who just came back from an incredible trip. That's when the good stories come to light. 


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Crowdsourcing a Truth with Soothsayer

Soothsayer is a proof of concept retail display. It uses an environmental, gestural interface to crowdsource truth. 

The interface display was projected onto the dark window, emulating a dark store front. The interface controls were the humans outside. Using gestural detection hardware, we created an interface controlled entirely by a pedestrian’s physical interactions with a window. We established three levels of interaction determined by a person’s proximity to the window, each level more intimate than the last.






The Sound of a Scurry

When you find yourself alone in the forest, don’t startle at a cracking branch or the sound of a scurry. Grin a little wider, bare those teeth. After all, you are a wild animal running through the forest as well.

Too often we find ourselves uncomfortable in situations and terrain where humans once thrived. We forget, we too, were once wild animals. "Scurry" is a short film about the domestication of man.  

Scurry has been concepted, written, shot, reshot and is currently being edited. Stay tuned. 

Launching spring of 2018


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